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General Dentistry

It is important to book regular appointments with your dentist because issues with your teeth can often grow into serious problems without adequate treatment. At the Thatched House Dental Practice our expert team of professionals are proficient in treating issues and keeping your teeth fresh, clean and sparkling. If you do require any treatment our dentists are more than capable of undertaking all kinds of general treatment including:







   Check Ups



 IV Sedation



   Root Canals

   Re-Root Canals

   General Scale & Polish


 Deep Perio Clean

 Night Guards


If you would like to organise some regular treatment at a dental practice in Leytonstone, please contact us at the Thatched House Dental Practice.


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Specialist Treatments

If you have misaligned teeth, problems with your gums or issues with your dental pulp, then you may need specialist dental treatment. We can provide a number of treatments that will restore your teeth and have you smiling again.


Diagnostic and Screening Procedures

Screening for disease is a regular part of your regular check up and examination, and we are experts in spotting the early symptoms of major illnesses.


Root Canal Therapy

 Gum Related Diseases

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Prosthetic Teeth/Dentures





Services for Everyone

At our dental practice in Leytonstone, we believe in the importance of good oral health care and that everyone is entitled to great teeth. We see young children and adults and our friendly team is here to help should you feel scared, nervous or anxious about visiting the dentist. We appreciate that visiting that dentist may leave you worried, but we will deliver advice in easy to understand language, so that you are always in the best position to decide what treatment you should get.


Treatment of Disease, Disorder or Injury

If you are suffering from pain or you think something might be wrong with your teeth, then it is vital that you book an appointment to identify what is wrong. Our team of professionals are on hand to treat any injury however minor or major and give you the right medication to treat any disease and prevent any further occurrences.




Quality Preventative & Cosmetic Dentistry

There are a number of cosmetic treatments that we offer at the Thatched House Dental Practice. A great smile with beautiful teeth will give you confidence and make you look younger and fresher. At our dental practice in Leytonstone we can whiten your teeth, repair chipped teeth and give any broken teeth a whole new look with new veneers. We provide:

  • Whitening
  • Bondings (White Fillings)

  • Bridges
  • Veneers


Services And Treatment Prices

 Emergency Consultations

  • Exam or Emergency Consultation for New Patients (Including Small X-Rays) £60
  • Exam or Emergency Consultation for Existing Patients £48
  • Exam for Children under 16 years of age £30

Composite (White Filling)

  • Starts From £95
  • Larger Composite Fillings Will Be Quoted by The Dentist During the Examination – Up To £280

Whitening Kit

  • Whitening Kit With Trays £360


  • Recementing Crowns, Inlays, Overlays Starts From £95
  • Recementing Bridges Starts From £125

Denture Work

  • Acrylic Dentures (Upper or Lower) £700
  • Sunflex (Flexible) Denture (Upper or Lower) £950
  • Sunflex With Combination of Cobalt Chrome £1050
  • Denture Repair £95
  • Tooth Addition on Denture £110 - £145


  • Wire Fixed Ortho Retainer £185 Per Arch
  • Essix Removable Retainer £160 Per Arch
  • Retainer Recementing Starts From £125
  • Wire Retainer Removal Starts From £125


  • Nightguard £270

Iv Sedation

  • £380 Per Session
    If sedation is required there will be an extra cost added to standard treatment price, this will be quoted during examination


  • RCT (Root Canal Treatment) Incisor, Premolar £440
  • RCT (Root Canal Treatment) Molar £520
  • Re-RCT (Redoing Root Treatment)
    • Incisor, Premolar £480
    • Molar £580

Cleaning & Stain Removal

  • General Cleaning (Scale and Polish) £80
  • Deep Perio Cleaning One Session £180-280
  • Deep Perio Clean (Advanced) Done in Two Sessions Under Local Anaesthesia If Required £380-£480
  • Prophylax Clean-Stain Removal, Includes Normal Scaling £220

Bridges & Crowns

  • Bridges £460 Per Unit
  • White Bonded Porcelain Crown (PBC) £520
  • Full Porcelain Crown £580
  • Full Porcelain Inlays, Overlays £580
  • Full Gold Crown Starts From £700


  • Extractions Start From £145
  • Complicated Extractions to Be Quoted by Dentist-Up To £350
  • Stiches Removal Starts From £65

Closing Diastema (Gaps Between the Teeth)

  • £220 Per Diastema

Tooth Whitening Kit With Trays

  • £380

If you have any questions about the prices of our treatments we offer at our dental practice in Leytonstone,
please contact us for more information.

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