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The Thatched House Dental Practice has been around for quite some time. Established in 1965, our dental practice is now led by Harmik Hambarchain who took over leadership in 2000. Over the years we have managed to build an excellent reputation by always delivering an excellent level of care to every patient we treat. You can be assured that when you visit the team at our dental practice in Leytonstone, we will look after you in a caring and gentle manner from initial consultation right through to the completion of treatment.

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Happy Days! 5 stars!...

Ouch, ouch, ouch, wounded, I needed to see my dentist. Got an appointment for 12.15 on 1st March. Wow - need route canal treatment (in pain, I need treatment today!). Made an appointment to be seen later on the same day at 3.15 to undertake the treatment. Arrived for my appointment, the dentist is waiting for me - I am taken downstairs to the new part of the building, very posh, clean and spacious surroundings, very impressive. After being shown around, my treatment starts, I noticed he was using different tools (not as noisy as that yuk drill sound he would usually use upstairs, definitely grateful to be downstairs). Anyhow got through my treatment after spending 45 minutes in the chair. I thought I would have experienced some kind of after pain but NO, NONE whatsoever. One week later still pain-free. I would always recommend my dentist for his kindness and patience with me. You could be NHS or private, my dentist will treat you with respect and dignity and he's quite funny too (although he is a Chelsea supporter). Tami   |   07 March 2018  |  

The Best Dentists...

As usual I had a great appointment. The staff are awsome. I never have to wait for more then 5 minutes. I have been a patient at Thatched House Practice for 1 year already. I have been suffering from toothache for quiet a long time, and I had a problem to find good dentist I am happy I have find THDP, because my doctor always finds the solution to my problematic situations especialy with my gums. After a long time I can eat food without feeling pain, thanks to him. My teeth are healthier now. I definitely recommend this place because I am sure that you won't be dissapointed about their service. Money is worthy spending. Jarka Foltynkova   |   05 July 2017  |  


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